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Hairstylist: Rob

Rob - Barber

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Hairstylist: Chase

Chase - Barber

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Hairstylist: Apolonia

Apolonia - Stylist / Barber

A Los Angeles native, Apolonia got her start in 2004 as a cosmetologist assisting for two and a half years under a master stylist here in Los Angeles. She worked tirelessly to gain a great clientele while continuing to hone her cut and color skills with continuing education. Her desire to get her barber license was a natural progression as her career evolved. With a background in graphic art and passion for hair she has found her happy place behind the chair.

She loves the outdoors, cooking and spending time with friends.

Random fact: She makes spicy candied bacon sometimes.

Hair tip: regular trims help keep the shape and style.

Hairstylist: Erica Pyles

Erica Pyles - Lead Stylist

Erica began her career as a stylist on January 2006 in Oceanside, California. She joined Christopher Styles Barber Spa when it first opened in October of 2012. She now has over ten years of experience but is constantly on the lookout for new and different classes that update and improve her knowledge and techniques on cutting, coloring, and styling. Her love of the trade is based on exercising her creativity and being able to make clients feel good about themselves through it. Aside from men and women's haircuts, some popular requests Erica receives include chemical relaxers and color.

Erica tackles her workplace challenges with a head on mentality. She lets her clients know when something is possible, when it will work best, and what won't work. Erica is known to be a very active person. She loves paddle boarding, demolishes at bowling, and is known for being up for any outdoorsy adventures. Erica's clients know her to be creative, funny, and reliable. At the shop, we know her to be extremely talented and always on to the next thing!

Random Fact about Erica: For many years, Erica was gymnast working toward the Olympics but ultimately decided to part ways with the sport and moved on to competitive hip hop dancing.

Erica's Hair Tip: Lemons can give your hair a sun kissed natural highlight look without damage.

Hairstylist: Brent Jones

Brent Jones - Master Barber

When Brent was 10 years old, his mother handed him a pair of clippers. What he did with them garnered the attention of those around him. With his quickly developing cutting skills, Brent decided to enroll at Cutting Edge Hair Styling Academy in Kansas City. When he eventually moved to Los Angeles, his barbering skills caught the eye of Christopher Hird. He soon after joined Christopher Styles Barber Shop.

Today, Brent is the shop's modern day Renaissance man. He continually exercises his artistic abilities through painting, music, acting, and barbering. When Brent is in the shop, there is always a lively discussion happening at his station. His clients keep him busy and in high demand. He is known for his amazing fades, shaves, and uncanny ability for styling. While you'll likely find Brent laughing and singing around the shop, his hair designs and highly detailed face shaves reveal a talent for focused precision and not to mention a serious work ethic. Brent is constantly rising to new creative challenges and hopes to continue exceeding expectations by giving clients a look they didn't imagine was possible for them.

Hairstylist: Laura Flores

Laura Flores - Stylist

While Laura is currently the youngest stylist at Christopher Styles Barber Spa, she has been with the shop since its opening in 2012. She has a bountiful knowledge on hair care and styling and constantly sprinkles her clients with helpful hair tips. Among her clients, she is known for her patience and passion for her craft. She loves being able to help her clients feel more confident by transforming their look. Clients frequently request haircuts from the Brad Pitt or David Beckham gallery, but many of her clients eventually choose to trust Laura to provide the haircut that best suits their face shape, hair type, and lifestyle.

Laura always continues to educate herself by learning and sharing techniques from stylists within and outside of the shop. When she's not in the shop, she likes to relax outdoors and enjoy nature by going on a jog.

Random Fact: As a child, Laura dreamed to have a pet monkey.

Laura's Hair Tip: Always use a good quality shampoo and conditioner and rinse with cold water!

Hairstylist: Christopher Styles

Christopher Styles - Owner/Barber

Chris started on to something amazing when he was just 14 years old. He enjoyed looking great but didn't have money to go to a barber every week so his mother bought him his first set of clippers. He started cutting his own hair and then his friends' hair. By the time he was 16 he was charging $4 per haircut. Chris's professional barbering career began in 1997 in Pine Bluff, Arkansas when he received his Barber Stylist license. Eventually, Chris relocated to California and after years of perfecting his techniques he decided to integrate his natural business acumen and barbering skills and open Christopher Styles Barber Spa in October of 2012.

Today, Chris specializes in all men's haircuts and shaves with many of his clients coming in for afros, fades, and straight razor shaves. He loves the fact that he can transform a person right before their eyes within as little as 30 minutes. It's an instant makeover with instant gratification! While clients come to him for his reputation, they return not just because of his proven skills but also because of his relatability and honesty.

Chris's ambition always keeps him looking ahead. He aspires to one day open another shop and possibly start a product line. He also hopes to mentor young stylist to become salon owners, platform artists, and overall great stylists within the industry.

Random fact about Chris: He has a snack every night right before going to sleep.

Hair tip: Don't over shampoo your hair. Shampooing everyday is not necessary as it tends to dry your scalp and hair. Whenever you wash, use a conditioner to replenish your scalp and hair after shampooing it.


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